Artist Statement

I love getting in touch with my inner world while listening to music, reciting poetry, or dancing while doing both. My subconscious is like a treasure box with drawers full of my experiences of what I have read, seen, heard, or felt – recently or long ago. It is from where my inspiration usually emerges.

When choosing a theme, I tend to have a preference for water life, birds, people, flowers.....and the color red. Ah, the color red! It is Love, Life, Passion, Fire, the Sun, and even the Moon….

Rather than making a conscious decision though about what I want to express, I prefer to explore what wants to be expressed. I allow my subconscious to guide my artistic creativity, letting the energy from within flow freely, which often leads to my artwork being abstract.

Creating art is an adventure that leads to new discovery, re-discovery, and self-discovery.